Countdown to the 2024 Sunrise NPPA Derm Conference








A groundbreaking event Designed to inspire NPs and PAs to think outside the box:

Not only in patient care, but in their dermatology careers and in their lives.

When is it?

October 11-12, 2024

How much does it cost?

$99 + Parking

Who is the conference for?

Dermatology and/or aesthetic nurse practitioners passionate about their field that want to learn in an unconventional way and literally get their hands dirty as they hone their skills. NPs and PAs that strive to provide the best patient care they can, regardless of the barriers that an employer may place. They strive to be financially savvy and know their worth as providers and as individuals. 

What will I get out of it?

You will eat great food, meet amazing people that are creative and ambitious just like you. Everyone around you will inspire you and push you to extend yourself in ways you never thought possible.

The purpose of Sunrise NPPA Derm is to help nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician associates (PAs) grow in their knowledge, skills, and passion for excellent patient care in the field of dermatology and aesthetics. We want to help NPs and PAs grow powerful business and entrepreneurial acumen so as to never get taken advantage of and to maintain their integrity as valuable contributors to the dermatological and aesthetic healthcare landscape.

What do mentees say about NPPA Coach and Sunrise NPPA Derm President, Dr. Patricia Delgado, DNP?

Coaching Testimonials


I have thoroughly enjoyed this coaching experience with Dr. Delgado! She helped me to enter spaces that I normally would not have access to (i.e. networking with other derm professionals and derm reps).

Attending the dermatology dinners and conferences has trained me, in a sense, on how to network with strangers. Her guidance has made me feel more confident about making the transition to derm when the time comes.

Your influence  has made such a profound impact on my character building & my confidence as a future provider. I never thought in a million years I would be putting myself out there and getting into these spaces you have introduced me to. I have always been somewhat soft spoken and have always second guessed myself even as a nurse. But I have observed how you carry yourself with poise and grace among other professionals all while staying true to yourself.   I think I have told you this a million times already lol but I want you to know I am so grateful to you for extending your time and energy into my growth. 

Thank you for being an excellent mentor!


Connecting with Patricia Delgado has been one of the most pivotal aspects of my career as a nurse practitioner. Having come from an acute care background, working with Patricia quickly proved crucial in my attempts to break into the dermatology space.

Her guidance, encouragement, kindness, and wealth of knowledge not only prepared my resume for a new career in dermatology, but also my self confidence as a provider. I am beyond thankful.

Patricia has gone above and beyond in helping me land a Dermatology NP position and I cannot recommend her enough!


Patricia is one of the most inspiring nurse practitioners I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I came out of my FNP program with a lifelong dream of getting into aesthetic medicine and dermatology but with little knowledge of how to get into this field; while also relocating to a whole new state as a new graduate where I had no professional connections.

Everyone told me how difficult and competitive the field was and it was very discouraging until I met Patricia and joined her mentor program. She guided me through the process of how to present myself as a competitive candidate in the field and connected me with so many resources.

Not only this, but her guidance and support gave me the confidence that this dream of mine was absolutely achievable, and I should never let anyone make me feel otherwise. Now, I have officially landed my dream job working in aesthetic medicine.

She has been with me through every step of the way. Even when I was working my first job in primary care, she provided me with tips on how to negotiate for what I deserved while also still helping me stay active in my search in the aesthetic and dermatology field. I would not be where I am today without her; achieving my dreams! Thank you, Patricia!


I have dreamt of being in dermatology since I became a nurse, but I struggled with finding the resources to get me there.

Now, I am meeting with pharmaceutical reps, networking with PA/NPs in my area in the field of dermatology, and being invited to dinners on new drugs hitting the market. I cannot explain enough how much Patricia has helped me; she has gone above and beyond what I think could be possible. Patricia also wants the best for her clients; she has been reviewing my resume, CV, and cover letter and assisting me on how to prepare them when applying for jobs or meeting new people in the dermatology setting.

Thank you, Patricia!


I just wanted to share with you that I got my first job as a nurse practitioner, in dermatology, in New York City! My young ADN RN self would not have believed the career ahead of her! I am so grateful and thankful for your mentoring. Your encouragement and your knowledge to review my resume really helped. I can’t express enough importance to future NPs of the importance of joining your local AP council networking is one of the keys to success for finding a job after graduation that is not shared enough during grad school.

Thank you so much for everything! 


Patricia has been an amazing mentor ever since I began working with her as her medical assistant about 5 years ago. She is the type of provider that inspires you by the way she cares and advocates for her patients. Fast forward to this year Patricia guided me through job searching as a new Nurse Practitioner reminding me the importance of knowing the value I hold as a provider. She taught me all the tools that I need to stand out during interviews helping me land 3 great job offers within a month of passing my boards. She has mentored me on how to improve my negotiation skills and on how to ask all the right questions and thanks to that today I have the job of my dreams! 


I can truly say that I attribute where I am today to the people who helped get me here. Patricia Delgado is one of those people who have been pivotal throughout my journey to becoming a dermatology PA. She acted as my mentor from the very beginning from me working as her dermatology MA all the way through my PA school acceptance, then as being my preceptor for my derm rotation and even after that in finding a job in dermatology. She has been there every step of the way guiding me, answering my questions, and encouraging me along the way. She was even available to me after I was already working as a derm PA and feeling overwhelmed throughout my derm training. She has gone above and beyond as a mentor and I highly recommend her mentor ship for anyone trying to get into dermatology. 


Patricia has guided me through the process of achieving my long term goal of going into dermatology. She has set me up for success and supported me on my decisions. Throughout nursing school, she provided me with resources and references (meetings about derm programs, textbooks, etc.). She took the time to do a mock interview in person with me and help revise my resume! I landed a burn ICU job right out of school treating Stevens Johnson Syndrome and TEN, and now know the next steps for my future in derm. I’m so thankful to have her as a mentor and feel I can always come to her whenever I have extra questions! 

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