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So Far, Staying Positive

by | 12/16/21 | 0 comments

So my initial impression after the meeting is pretty neutral. There was some good news as far as benefits and some nice details for the auxiliary staff, but there was not much information for the providers. The auxiliary staff has received their new offer letters. I have not heard anything for us, though.

Some of the new benefits we can look forward to:

Profit sharing (a yearly payout based on the company’s revenue for the year)

A uniform stipend (although I am not clear if this pertains to providers, but still great for the other staff)

I expect the majority of the changes to begin as the year starts, and then for things to really change in 2023. At least that’s what the new company representatives said.

Here we go!

It should be interesting!

Today, I am helping with multiple research subjects as well as taking care of a full clinic, so it should be a great day!


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