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Publication as an NP or PA Student

by | 01/22/23 | 0 comments

Is it Possible, and Is It Worth It?

In summary: YES, it’s possible. And YES, it’s worth it. But read on so you know why I am crazy enough to encourage an NP or PA student to publish while in the tumult of academia.

Although one recruiter said to me that publication wasn’t extremely significant for her when she was selecting candidates to interview (Check out the full interview with the recruiter here), she did say that when it comes to brand new NPs and PAs requiring training, the decision to have them placed in a certain office is not only up to the hiring team, but the providers that actually have to train the APP also have to accept them.

THIS is where it matters. To us providers who actually know how grueling it is to publish and how interested we have to be in growing professionally and in the topic itself to put all the work into it, that publication proudly displayed in your CV does matter.

“But Patricia, if it doesn’t matter to a recruiter, why should I bother?”

Remember, there will be DOZENS of other advanced practice providers (APP) applying for the same job you are, so every bit helps when it comes to standing out.

And honestly, if you are not even really interested in disseminating knowledge and novel ideas with others, maybe you should be overlooked… Yep, I said it! My mentees are my mentees because they are passionate about patient care and improving healthcare and outcomes, not just about looking good on paper.

Okay, okay, sorry to get a little intense there, but I am passionate about our profession and keeping standards high!

I do also want to add that your education is KEY, so if the thought of embarking on getting a piece published terrifies you and totally stresses you out, don’t worry! There will be plenty of time after school!

Publication in a journal helps your Derm job prospects in these 3 ways (to name a few):

  • It shows how passionate you are about the specialty.
  • It shows you have the discipline and education to put coherent and organized thoughts on paper.
  • Not a lot of advanced practice providers are published, especially in or fresh out of school, so you stand out!

What are you passionate about? Write about it!

Need help with accountability or just getting started? 

I recommend finding a writing buddy who is equally as interested in your topic and sharing the responsibility. Remember, first author does most of the work. 

The great thing about a writing buddy is:

  • The entire paper does not fall on you. Depending on the type of manuscript or project, it can be a lot of words and lot of work! 
  • You have another person to hold you accountable. So when you both set a deadline for a section, you both feel the responsibility of fulfilling your commitment to the project. 

Another option is finding a mentor to help guide you through the entire process.

If it’s your first time writing, it can be extremely intimidating, trust me, I know! I had a case study sent back to me twice before I gave up. I should NOT have given up, and I will NOT let that happen to you!

Beware of predatory journals. I can help you navigate these.

That being said, I can be your writing mentor as well.

Inquire here.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of publication, I can help you get past it. 

I will be touching on this topic in my VIP Derm NP Masterclass on February 19, so don’t miss it!

Already have an idea and want to hash it out for publication? Register for the Masterclass and get a discount on a one-on-one call so we can plan your publication strategy.

Have an idea, but don’t know where to start? Your answers lie in the Masterclass! Click below to get more details.

I hope to see you there!


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