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My 4 Tips For Anyone Wanting To Get Into Dermatology

by | 03/18/21 | 0 comments

If you are ever wondering if you should call the patient for a certain scenario, you probably should.

  1. Never take anything at face value. If you hear hooves, it is most likely a horse, but it does not mean you should not compare the scenario to what you know about the do-not-miss-diagnoses and biopsy or consult others if you are not sure.
  2. Seek out great mentors and mentor others. Do you know anyone that makes you feel like you are learning a ton and makes you feel like you are accomplishing goals in your life? Keep them around. And remember how they made/make you feel so you can be that person to others.
  3. Finish what you start. Sometimes we are presented with cases that require us to dig a little deeper or call the lab to get those results, but make sure you follow through. If you are ever wondering if you should call the patient for a certain scenario, you probably should. Even if it was not necessary, it is always a big and pleasant surprise for patients when THE healthcare provider actually “took time out of their busy day” to call them.
  4. Build relationships. Don’t just network. Every single person matters. I mean it. Every. Single. Person. I got my first job by chatting with a fellow salsa dancer and being friendly and a team player in our dance team. I later found out while we were chatting that she only accepted to be my preceptor because she felt like I was nice and that I would not be a lazy or boring student. I put the work in for my dance team mates, and she noticed. I never planned to work with her, but when the situation arose; our amicable acquaintance was what allowed me to eventually work with her and learn so much from her. Put yourself out there and talk to people. You never know who you will meet, and with whom you will eventually collaborate.


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