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DIY Professional Headshots at Home

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I don’t know about you, but I love getting new professional headshots. It’s a fun way to put some professional pep in your step and it gives your profiles and website bios more personality. But they get pretty pricey, especially if you are just starting your career as a nurse practitioner or PA.

When do you need a headshot?

In dermatology, some jobs may actually ask for a head shot when you are applying. It is also a nice touch to add to your Clinician Portfolio. Learn more about the Clinician Portfolio and the Derm Job Journey here. If they don’t ask for it then, they will definitely want one from you once you are hired. But when you’re just about to start a job (and you haven’t started making your money yet), it can be a bit of a stretch to hire a professional photographer to take headshots. A single photo package (where you literally only get one finished photo) typically starts at $700 for a good one.

So how can I get a low-cost headshot FAST?

I thought you’d never ask! Below are my steps for creating your own homemade headshots in the comfort of your home.

Supplies you need:

  • A professional hair-do
  • A professional top (or 3, we like options!)
  • Simple, professional make-up
  • Ring light if you have one, or a bright light to shine at your face
  • Tripod or a buddy to snap the photos

Step 1

Do your hair (despite how lazy you may feel) and professional make-up. You don’t want to over-do either of these. A simple do and simple make-up works great. These are not modeling headshots.

Step 2

Put on your first top and white coat (coat optional). Aim the light source towards your face and make sure the background is plain (a blank wall or doorway). Make sure your phone or camera is on portrait mode. Snap some photos in each of your tops. If you are using a tripod, set up the camera and set the timer. Based on the first photo, decide where you need to stand so you are centered, and you can mark the floor so you know which spot to return to for each shot.

Step 3

Upload the photo to Use the Background remover tool to remove the background. Then you can change the background to whatever you want. In the “Elements” section, you can search “gradient” and whatever hue you like, then you will have options galore!

Step 4

Save your headshots in a folder on your device so you have it ready for your next website, podcast, or article bio! And if you have nothing for which to submit it, let’s talk and get you makin’ moves for your career!

Step 5

Follow me on Instagram for more tips and insight into the life of a skin and wellness nurse practitioner. As an NP transitioning into her own practice, I am trying to be as economical as possible, so I will definitely be sharing those tips!

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