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I’m Patricia M. Delgado


Your Guide Into a Career in Dermatology

Get the Professional Dermatology Insight & Tools You Need to Land the Dermatology Job You Want


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To start mapping a path to your goals and make sure we are a great fit, we can schedule an Orientation Call to discuss your goals, your concerns, and what you are hoping to accomplish.

Hire me as your NP Coach

Do you have a thousand questions about how to become a dermatology nurse, how to pass the Dermatology NP or nurse certification exam, or how to switch jobs into dermatology as a nurse or nurse practitioner?

I am here to help!

Let's Collaborate

Do you have an interesting paper idea or presentation? I am always excited to create with colleagues and other professionals from all areas of specialty

 Why a Career Coach?

You have spent so much time, money, sweat and tears getting through your education and certifications to make it as far as you have.

Maybe you have enjoyed the work you have been doing, but

you want something MORE.

You want a field that will fulfill you.

Enter Dermatology,

the amazing career where you get paid the most, get loved by your patients endlessly, and you get to do so many procedures and learn so many skills, you will never want to leave.

Since I became a nurse in 2010, I have always heard that rumor that Dermatology is

IMPOSSIBLE to get into for SO many reasons…

But is it though??

Sure, you need experience, but how are you supposed to get dermatology experience if the dermatology clinics won’t hire unless you have 2 years of experience? 

Get started with that essential experience by downloading my 4 Excellent Resources for Dermatology Experience, without ever being employed in a dermatology clinic!

Ask all of the questions you have about dermatology, aesthetics and research

Network with experienced healthcare providers and professionals

Strengthen your resume with dermatology experience

Write With Me

Let’s collaborate on a journal article, magazine piece, or a blog post!

Nurse Mentorship

I can help coach you on your journey to a career in dermatology,

no matter where you are on your path.

Present With Me

I am happy to speak at events or workshops on topics such as professional growth, skincare, and other topics.


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Find Your Balance,
Set Your Goals,
Accept the Challenge,
but Always Take Care of Yourself.

It is important that we strive to be better versions of ourselves and that we are lifting others up in the process.

Remember though, that we can only love and respect others if we are making sure to love and respect ourselves first. If you have any skincare needs that need to be addressed, I am always taking new patients.

My team and I would love to be a part of your wellness journey, whether it involves medical or aesthetic services. Set up a dermatology appointment by clicking the link to the left! I offer services in English and Spanish in addition to telehealth appointments after hours.

See you soon!

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